Weekly Tutorials

Headshot Graphics
What you need

  • Gimp/Pixlr/Tablet (OPTIONAL)
  • A Stardoll Account
Hey all, it`s Wednesday again so it is time for another tutorial! This week it`ll be on headshot graphics (Intermediate). Don`t know what a headshot is? Let me explain:

A headshot graphic is your medoll`s head and shoulders on a fancy background with your features enhanced. So your cheeks will be dodged and burned, your nose will be blurred and your hair will be custom made. 

I`ll be using Gimp, Pixlr has most of the same tools but some are slightly different. To use Pixlr click HERE. 

Use Your Head! 

So, open up stardoll and go to your Beauty Parlor. Make sure you can only see your head and shoulders. Make your hair short, so the Porizkova updo will do. Then Print Screen!

Chop chop chop!

Open up Gimp/Pixlr and paste your picture onto your canvas. Crop it, then select the lasso tool. It`s a kinda cowboy string shaped thing, you know the thing they swing over their head? Haha! Yeah so get that and cut all around your head and shoulders. Right click and cut it from your canvas. 

Make it Fancy

Open up Paint. Go on Google and look for a nice background. When you`ve found one, copy it, but before you do paste your medoll onto Paint. Then open a new canvas on Gimp. Paste your background on and then paste your doll on too. 

Let`s start with the nose. Burn the sides, dodge the middle. Dodge the bottom lip and the top of the cheekbones. Burn them just below. 

Hair Drawing

People using tablets will find this easier. I don`t have one but yeah, I`ll try. Select your brush and make sure it fades out. Draw a base and make sure you add flyaways and split ends - no hair is perfect!

After you`ve roughly drawn the base colour the hair, then add streaks. Smudge them together.

Now go to Dodge > Highlights > Exposure - 15.0
Add streaks again to your hair and viola! 

Graphics for Beginners

What you need
  • Paint
  • A Stardoll Account
Alot of people wonder how to create masterpiece graphics for blogs and magazines. It is a difficult thing to do and it takes alot of practise. But the first thing you need is to know what programs you can use.

Paint - Every computer will already have this downloaded. The quality of graphics created on Paint is really bad, and you don`t have alot of tools required. This is good to use for beginners, but bad if you`re experienced.

Gimp - This is alot better than Paint, but you have to download this. You can add new layers, burn and dodge, rotate images and much more. Gimp is not as good as Photoshop and doesn`t have all the tools, but compared to Paint this is amazing. I`d recommend this program for intermediate designers.

Pixlr - Extremely similar to Photoshop. Pixlr is free again, no download needed. I like Pixlr but find it a little complicated. It doesn`t have right clicking either so it`s frustrating. Recommended again for intermediates.

Photoshop - This the ONE. There are so many tools on Photoshop and work always looks professional. The only problem is that you have to pay for Photoshop monthly and it is incredibly expensive. Stick to Gimp or Pixlr, don`t buy this unless you are really talented at graphic making and of course if you can afford it. 

I have Gimp version 2.6. But today I`m using Paint. And I`d advise not to read this tutorial unless you are a beginner. So, let`s get started

                                 Step One: Getting Started  
Open up Paint. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.
You should have your medoll on Paint
Now go to stardoll. Log in and go to your suite. Put your medoll into a white room, the whole body up against the wall. 

                                     Step Two: Print Screen
Print Screen - The key is found between F12 and Insert Pause/Brk. Print Screen keys look different on some keyboards, but mine says Prt Sc Sys Rq. They are similar. Now right click and press paste. Crop the photo down so you only have your medoll. 


                                      Step Three: Copy and Paste
Click on the select tool. It is next to the star and looks like a rectangle made from dotted lines. Next drag over your medoll`s right leg, do not go over any clothing. Release your drag. Now you`ll have dotted lines around your leg. Right click and copy that leg. 

                                               Step Four: Posing
Here comes the fun part - Posing our doll!
So you have your copied leg, we need to paste it again. Right click and paste.
Drag your leg over the top of your left leg. You need to flip it, go to the image tab at the top and click Flip/Rotate on the drop down list. Click Flip Horizontal and ok. Place it correctly and that`s done. Theres a slight problem though because your old leg sticks out - just erase it. Now you have completed your graphic!

My finished product! Oh and see what I mean about bad quality?
So, if you try this be sure to show me your work! Any questions or comments? Contact me on stardoll - chloe-99.

Hope I helped!


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