Meet The Team

Hey everyone!

I`m Chloe, I`m known on stardoll as chloe-99.
I`m 11 years old, I was born October 16th in Gibraltar :D Don`t know where it is? Google it :3
I live in the UK and have done since the age of 1 and a half, so I moan about the weather ALOT xD
Please note I overuse smilies :3

There is 3 pets in the house, a black 3 year old cat called Misty, my brother has a fish called Pepper and I have my own adorable hamster called Alice :D
My family mean alot, they come first, my friends second.
R.I.P Nan (December 30th 1935 - January 25th 2011) and Grandad (December 30th 1934 - December 20th 2004) Both of you always in my heart

I don`t have many talents.. I`m good at Art. That`s all, but when it comes to schoolwork I get pretty good comments on it.
In my free time I like hanging out with my friends, going clothes shopping, drawing and then just doing nothing at home :D

My life on Stardoll has been a pretty good 3 (4 in August! :D) years.
I first joined when I was only 7 on August 26th 2007 and boy did I look bad :O
But my medoll has changed ALOT ALOT ALOTTTTTT since then. Good haha xD
My current amount of starpoints is 7500+ which has taken me a long time to get to. Others may get there quicker than it took me but that`s because lots has changed on stardoll and it was boring back in 2007 so I was barely online :3
I`ve made a few achievements; Won National Covergirl for Great Britain on January 1st 2011, Made it to Stardoll Royalty in October 2009 when it first opened, I`ve come 2nd place on the catwalk in 2009, and I won 4th place covergirl in April 2010.. it was 2010 or 2009, I can`t remember xD

You can contact me on stardoll by clicking HERE, Facebook by clicking HERE and Twitter by clicking HERE.

Anyway I better be off, keep reading and following :D


Hey guys!  It's Claire Elise! 
I'm 15 years old.  I live in the United States of America.  I'm addicted to make up, fashion, shopping, boys, friends, and making graphics.  I like dreaming, it's all I ever do.  I've decided I'm going to go to Parson's in NYC for college and I will live in NYC and become a famous fashion designer.  People probably see me as a silly little blonde bimbo.  I don't blame them I can act pretty shallow sometimes.  They don't really know me though, so it's okay.  I really enjoy being nice to people unless they're mean to my friends.  That really isn't okay with me.  I'm also a very friendly person, so go ahead and talk to me!
I started stardoll when I was much younger than I am now.  I think it was 2005 or 2006?  Anyways I found too many posers and too much profanity.  I was so scared!  I rejoined in 2008 because of my friend Kayley.  I'm so glad she made me join though.  I've learned so much through stardoll, like how to be social and outgoing, fashion tips, the ability to branch out from jeans and a sweatshirt, wearing more than just eyeliner and mascara, and it was the first time I felt the amazing feeling of being part of something.
If you want to know more you can contact me.
claire.elise (my skype)
hcohottie stardoll (my facebook)


Hi, I'm Jess:)
Im 14 and i live in Manchester which is very rainy and always has grey skies.
Ive been on stardoll since 2005 when it began and in that time i've had 2 accounts.
My old account x-jess9696-x was deleted in 2008 so now im full time princessMinnie_!
I dont really have a clothing style, I guess you could say i prefer to wear clothes that look like people have died in them than brand new inventions- Im not one for the crop tops and jeggings, more blouses and shorts:)
I can't lie I'm addicted to stardoll and there have been months where I've not been on it at all but now my face is constantly glued to the screen XD
For those who haven't yet spoken to me on stardoll, you will soon realise that I abuse smiley faces:D.
I have a mouse named Missy, geez she's a cutiepie! I have had lots of mice (5 in total) ginger was my first but I only had her for a week because she got ill the poor thing! Monty was Missy's twin and she only died in feb after living a good to years and changing my life a lot! Missy's pictures are above, Monty's below! Monty's black and yellow, little Missy is grey and yellow x)

I have facebook, My own personal account (but thats mainly for people I know in real life and family etc..) and I have my stardoll facebook- Jessica Stardoll, feel free to add me but I only accept people with a stardoll profile picture on my stardoll facebook because then I have more of an idea of how you found out about my account:)
Thats all for now, so BYE XXXXXX

hey everyone, im riley!

im an eleven year old girl (the youngest on this blog) and i was born 20/10. i dont have any pets but i wish i had a bird because i just love them :) i have a little brother who is 6 and he annoys the crap out of me, but hes my little brother so he is meant to :D i have hazel eyes, shoulder length brunette hair and im quite arms get tanned in the summer but my body is white.

i havent been on stardoll that long. i dont go on it often because i prefer twitter XD i find it boring as non superstar because you cant buy anything!! i keep getting an offer for £1 so i might go with that soon.i guess im going to have to knuckle down to give you the best of my ability for this blog!

stardoll - RileySchmiley 
facebook  RileySchmiley Stardoll
twitter - rileyisschmiley