Apply To Work

Stardoll`s Own are looking for more writers and a graphic designer. There`s 3 writers at the moment, chloe-99, PrincessMinnie_ and hco-hottie23. We`re looking for maybe 2 or 3 more?
But we wouldn`t mind soneone to do a certain feature on the blog every week or something. So makeup tutorials, advice columns.. anything like that!
If you`d like to be apart of Stardoll`s Own fill out this application below and write your answers in comments.

Name (Real and stardoll username):
Experience with blogs/magazines:
Why I want to be on the blog:
I`d like to be a writer/vice writer/feature writer/graphic designer because:


  1. Name (Real and stardoll username): Julie Carol (Doggy_Starpuppy)
    Age: 15
    Experience with blogs/magazines: Wonderland Magazine (my own).
    Why I want to be on the blog: Because I really like this blog and enjoy reading what the members post :)
    I`d like to be a feature writer because: I really enjoy it and it would be something amazing, since I sometimes don't have what to do and I need an occupation.

    Thank you for considering.

  2. Name (Real and stardoll username): Lottie/lottieedottiee
    Age: 12
    Experience with blogs/magazines: I write for Sweet Stardoll Secrets and Sassy Stardoll Magazine
    Why I want to be on the blog: Because I admire Chloe-99 :o
    I`d like to be a writer because: I feel I can bring something to the blog, I can do spoilers, I can write about the new dolls (a bio about them and real life pics etc)
    I hope I get in!
    lottieedottiee x

  3. Name: (Real and Stardoll username): Alyssa/misslizard2001
    Age: 11
    Experience with blogs/magazines:I have my own, I've also practiced with writing so..yeah.
    Why I want to be on the blog: I want to let people know more about Stardoll fashion and graphics!
    I'd like to be a writer because: I want to share Stardoll secrets and other Stardoll stuff!
    misslizard2001 XOXO

  4. Name: Rachel/rachelisboredd
    Age: 16
    Experience with blogs: ive had several personal blogspots and use to have one shared fashion blog with a friend.
    Why i want to be on the blog: ive never tried any serious blogging, all my other blogs have been jokes so it would be cool to do something different for a change.
    id like to be a feature writer because id love to rekindle my love for blogging and i love giving advice to others :D