Friday, 29 April 2011

No Owner? No blog!

Stardoll`s Own is closing.

Unless I can get an active and experienced person to hand the blog over to it`s going.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Dress RL Version

Hey Guys,
I was out shopping today when I came across this dress in ark! I'm almost certain it's the real life version of the floral christmas calendar dress! The lighting was rubbish in the shop but I've found the dress again on the website, I haven't been on stardoll so I don't have the calendar dress picture.
PrincessMinnie xxx

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bye Everyone.. I`m Leaving!

Hey everyone, only me.. I`m leaving because I have been offered a job at Underneath Stardoll to help Emma out.. I took the job because well, who wouldn`t?

I loved owning this blog and occasionally I may post.. I`ll keep you updated, okay?


Friday, 22 April 2011

New Doree

hey everyone :D

there is some new doree in starplaza.
they have released some shades of red:

i think the first two are too bright for my liking but i love the last one :)



Hi guys, I don't have a picture to upload but click HERE to enter the Earth Hour Contest, write a small paragraph about the earth and then click save and you will recieve a free potted tree! In my opinion it looks brilliant in the wild things interior or the garden interior; which is where I've put it in my suite!

Monday, 18 April 2011


Not many things :S
I hate it.. but spent loads D:

The dresses are ew, a few accessories are cute though.


No News!

Hey everyone, we won`t be posting anything today because there is nothing new on stardoll! ):

But we`d like to thank you all very much for following us! 60 people like our blog now :D
It shows that if you try, you can achieve something (:
But we are still trying to get at the top, so please, don`t follow and leave, follow and stay!

We`d also like to welcome the new writer Riley to our blog!
Check out her posts and be sure to drop by her stardoll suite (:


New Writer

hi everyone!! chloe needs a little help with the blog so she gave me the job of being a writer. id like to thank her and thank you for following and suporting the blog!! i will be an active writer and post spoilers and freebies along with chloe claire and jess :)

keep following!!

riley xx

Friday, 15 April 2011

SUPERSTAR ONLY - Free Earrings

Stardoll are giving away these earrings free to German superstars when they enter a contest. If you are from Germany click HERE to enter

If not..

Use a proxy:

Log out and close the proxy - the earrings will be in your beauty parlor.


UGLY LE in Spoilers

Hugely disappointed..

It looks like Moxie Teens, but some things have LE written on them. I might buy a pair of shoes and a bag and maybe a dress but that one is highly unlikely. What do you think?


Pet A Porter - Exotic Animals OUT!

Yep, more animals..

..All at their normal price of 100sd.

I love the elephant xD


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Inappropriate Parties

Thanks xolucy

Me and my friend xolucy are sitting in my living room right now. She was looking at parties and came across some.. inappropriate names. I sent these pictures to stardoll and explained and stuff.
You can email them too, send your messages to


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Makeup Tutorial

Promised it a few weeks back, never got round to doing it :L
But here we go (:

The mini pictures are crap I know but still xD
What do you want to see on Sunday? (Remember, I changed the day. Weekly graphic tutorials are on Saturdays.)

Feedback please!

PS: I would have posted this Sunday, but I have an excuse:

We had to decorate a boiled egg for school (Since it`s Easter and all) and I did a Toy Story one xD
Hey, the hard work paid off because I won! I got this picture from our school website (:

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It`s Birthday Time!

Stardoll is now 5 years old!

To celebrate, we have all received 5 gifts,
And ten people have a chance of winning 100sd by entering a quiz.

Here are the answers if you are stuck:

1) Liisa Wrang
2) 21
3) Paperdoll Heaven
4) Girls ages 7 to 17
5) Stockholm, Sweden
6) The popular virtual editor of the starblog


Nail Polish!

Hey guys,
Just been down to starplaza, they have two new shops open for superstars only. Both shops are for nails and one is for nail jewellery, Ive designed my own nails and here are some pictures:D