Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday Fun (:

So, last week you may or may not know I wrote a post basically saying about a mini contest each Sunday. Well our wonderful follower Cathy2889 came up with the idea of getting a picture of a celebrity and making our medoll look just like them. So all you need to do is find a picture of google, go into the starplaza and try to make the outfits identical. Then on Tuesday I`ll narrow it down to 3 girls and you get to vote for the winner.

The winners will receive:

Superstars - 25 stardollars
Non Superstars - 25 stardollars of gifts (Your choice!)

Upload your pictures to tinypic then give us your picture in comments below and I will judge them all! :D



  1. Chloe i made this on Octomber , i hope its not will be any problem . :D

  2. I find these boring so I won't enter -_-
    It's also not unique. Loads of people have done them and its not fun

  3. Diddy: That`s fine, it doesn`t matter whether you made it last week or last year :D
    AbiiBabeh..x: I didn`t think of the idea, Cathy2889 did