Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sundays are so empty!

Right. You might have noticed that every Sunday we do not post anything. Spoilers? No. Free things? Occasionally. New Stores? Never.

So I was thinking, maybe we should do something about it. Haha, no we can`t order the stardoll staff to do fun stuff, but the SDO team can be fun!

I was thinking little contests each Sunday. If you have an idea tell us!

You could win:

Superstars - 25 stardollars
Non Superstars - Gifts of your choice up to 25 stardollars.
Also be featured on the blog!



  1. Thats A really good idea,
    Maybe a contest can be out making a medoll that Looks Like a celeberity,
    (Of course medolls and Superstars both could go to the shop and try out stuff their.)
    Then they would post up A Tinypic, It would take about 30 minutes max. So it would be Quick, Easy, and Creative.

  2. Thanks! :D
    That`s a good one! Yeah, great idea! Let`s use that next week (:
    I`ll say that it was your idea, I`ll basically write in the post well last week Cathy2889 cane up with or contest idea (then I will explain xD)
    Thank you again, that`s awesome

  3. CHLOE! :D I do believe I must help out with the blog as soon as I have free time. March 25th. Be counting down the days, I will hide from my social life of hanging out with living breathing people to help with this blog!

  4. CLAIRE!
    oh okay thanks for telling me, whenever you`re busy just tell me (:
    I`ll write a post right now :D xxx