Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Idol Magazine Spoiler & People needed!

So.. there`s a new magazine coming. I`ll drop a hint of the owner: ME :P

Okay so there`s the spoiler. It should be due out some time in March.

There`s a but though.


I need 9 models
Someone willing to do makeup tutorials
A writer for an advice column.

So if you want a job on the Idol Magazine team add me on Facebook HERE,
Then I can sort something out if you`re good enough (:


PS: Any ideas of who the Covergirl is?
The interviewer is the only other than me that knows xD
If you guess correctly you are the Summer issue Covergirl.
Guess in comments, tell me your SD username too though.
If you are correct I will send you a private message and it`ll have to be a secret if you win!

Let`s play Hangman!
The CG is: An-a A--el

Fill out the missing letters (:

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