Saturday, 1 January 2011

Thank you all so much!

Hey guys, sorry I haven`t posted in a while, I`ve lost the spoilers number and I`ve been preparing for something which I`m sure the UK members know about - I ran for NCG and WON!

So this post is for everyone that voted because I just want to say thank you for voting; if it wasn`t for you I wouldn`t be on the cover!

I ran for Great Britain and spent 545 stardollars on broadcasting, so thank you to those that bought from me too.

For those who have not achieved that dream yet I`m just telling you now: NEVER give up because I went for CG around Easter time in 2010 and I came 4th, but I tried again yesterday spending even more money and advertising myself and I logged on to see my face on the front page of stardoll.

Once again, thank you everyone.



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