Monday, 13 December 2010

Parties! and Modelling!

Hey all,
So i'm online now and its 10:30 pm, i'm totally bored. I decided to check out the parties and see if there were any model competitions (i'm lovin them!) and well, they were all rubbish 'boys only im a desperate single dolly' parties, and i had nobody else online. So i used my very clever brain and realised, Canadians speak ENGLISH!
(i was very happy then!) so i went on the Canada party list, and enjoyed a party.
Then I went on the United States party list, and had another party!
And finally enjoyed a party on the Ireland party list,

This is such a simple way to broaden your horizons! i made many new friends!

Anyhow, if you would like the opportunity to have your face shown in our magazine, please inbox princessMinnie_ and mention any important details. I don't care if you have had any modelling experience, this is a chance that anyone can take!
Goodluck, Loveee jess

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