Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter/Christmas Looks!

Hey Everyone! Earlier today i was thinking that it would be great if each of us writers posted our favourite Christmas/ winter look to inspire the readers. I got started on mine straight away, so here's a few pictures. Ive also decided to tell you why I chose these styles. Image one: This is a sort of christmas/ new years eve outfit. The top is from front row and I can't remember where the rest came from!:L my medoll has dark hair because darker hair in winter makes the face look for coloured and feels warmer. The makeup is not over the top and is quite sophisticated. If you choose to use this look then please dont put anything major in your hair or wear one too many neclaces because the eyes are the most detailed part of this look. Image two: I used two different shimmery eye shadows to show the two colours blending in together, it gives a warm autumn feel and is good for both the pale and the tanned skinned people. I hope this helps you all! jess x

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