Monday, 11 October 2010

Star Designers!

So I was looking at the top designs, and some of them were gorgeous!  I wanted to buy a lot of them, but I'm trying to save my money.  Anyways, the first one was a gorgeous bubble dress (which I did buy), a elegant looking dress that had white, black, and gold in it, and a simple day dress decorated lightly at the bottom.  What surprised me most is a member, who hasn't even been on stardoll for two weeks, got her design in the top 10 designs!

This first one is by Roksel and it's the rainbow bubble dress.  Which I do own.
These are the elegant gold, black, and white dresses designed by mondfrau.
This last one is from a practically brand new member!  Elf_bella should be proud of herself. 



  1. Some people are so talented.
    I`ll be buying some for sure, treat myself as it`s my birthday in 5 days(:

  2. Lol, hmm I'll have to get you a gift somehow!

  3. The Monfraus are very beautiful, however I don't find the other ones too nice.