Friday, 22 October 2010

How to get 12 starpoints a 12 steps

Want to earn starpoints?

Follow this simple guide to get 12 starpoints a day - everyday.
If you follow our guide to get 12 starpoints a week, you could get 84 starpoints a week, 336 a month, and... 4032 a year. Want that? I know you do. I know I certainly do.

  • Simply logging in every day will get you a starpoint.
  • If you go to your suite, you can get a number of stapoints. You can change your outfit, move something. Besides, you don`t have to keep it that way. Go back and re-save it.
  • If you find the PERFECT outfit, save it in your album. Saving dolls can get you a number of points. Plus it helps you get a record of how much your style has changed. It`s really great looking back from you very first medoll to the makeup and clothes you`ve put on today.
  • Still focusing on your page. What else can we do? Guestbook. You will probably have some new comments. You can reply to them, or if you`ve already done that you can write a little something yourself. A line from one of your favourite songs will do, and besides, you can delete it.
  • Back to the album. Earlier you should have saved your medoll in your album. Find that doll you have saved and put it somewhere in the book. I know alot of people make their albums into magazines and you normally have a covergirl. Why not make yourself covergirl for once?
  • Starblogging. Starblogs are great. And, you get alot of starpoints. You can write any old rubbish, for example write down all the numbers to the starpoints you have. so if you have 100, write down 1, 2, 3 etc. Write the alphabet. Your name. And a great way to help pass the time is to create a post saying Starpoints until (Your next reward). Every day write down how many you`ve earnt. For example: 6635. + 10 starpoints 6645. + 5 6650.
  • Make a scenery. It doesn`t have to be absolutley outstanding. Remember, this is all for starpoints. Just put lots of random items on it, and then call it something like '20 until 1000'
  • Go to your Beauty Palor. Change something tiny, like remove your earrings. Change your hair. Again, it`s for starpoints, doesn`t need to be perfect! And you can change it back again.
  • Mail someone or reply to some messages. The longer and the more messages you send, the more points.
  • Go and get your play and earn. Since you can only use it for 14 days a month, it`s best to buy fast. You get discount too. If you want for example some earrings that cost 5sd, and a dress that costs 15sd, buy the dress. That way you would only be paying 10sd for it. But, if you bought the earrings too, then you would only be paying 15sd, not 20sd. Dn`t forget to earn 2sd a day that you can keep, recycle!
  • Another great way is to post in clubs. Even silly posts, like rate the medoll above you. But no chain mail!
Try it. Each step gets you a starpoint. But if you`re lucky, more!


PS: I cannot wait until the 7500 hairstyle! At the moment I have 6881 starpoints. How many do you have?

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