Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Harajuku Lovers Is Back

Oooh yes, they`re back!
But this time with a Winter collection.

Off Wikipedia:

Harajuku Lovers is singer Gwen Stefani's brand of apparel, fashion accessories, and stationery launched in 2005. The concept for Harajuku Lovers revolves around the Shibuya, Tokyo area of Harajuku and the four "Harajuku Girls," Gwen Stefani's Japanese back-up dancers and entourage (Love, Angel, Music, and Baby).

Unlike Stefani's other fashion line, L.A.M.B., launched in 2004, which aimed for a more mainstream demographic; Harajuku Lovers instead tends to focus specifically on 'Kawaiiness' made famous by the streets of Harajuku in Japan. Kawaii depictions of Stefani and her dancers are common features of the products as is the kanji 原宿 (Harajuku) logo.

Clothing for the line is produced and licensed by JerryLeigh with stationery line produced and licenced by Nakajima USA. There is also a fragrance line with five different scents: Love, Lil Angel, Music, Baby, and G.

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I have to be honest though, the perfumes are nice.

I have last year`s Winter G, which smells of coconuts, Music which kind of smells of sweets called Pint Pots, Love, and the Summer version of Baby. And I mean £13 a bottle is abit expensive for only 10ml, but it`s so strong and so nice. I`ve used all of mine, G is my favourite, then my least favourite is Love. I have used them all except Love, although that is running out fast. I have £32 now though so I`ll think about getting more -- this time the £20 25ml one!

Anyway, so have you tried these perfumes before?

Which scent is your favourite?

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