Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bored, Tired, Don`t Know What To Do?! -- The Return Of Torture

Yes, we`re back and better than ever!
Bored, Tired, Don`t Know What To Do?! Season Two is guaranteed to have more excitement,
suspense and of course, laughing.
Us here at Stardoll`s Own treat you readers like royalty. We`re giving you stills and spoilers of tonight`s show - Every 30 minutes! Take a look.
23:58: Chloe taking it easy with onion rings 2 minutes till the show.

00:22: 22 minutes into the show and they`re already tired.. *Yawn*

1st 2 pics was at OO:16 beth said LETS HAVE A MUSHTASH Chloe: Ohhkayy? :L

Pictures 3 and 4 OO:28 Beth: Pose chloe, chloe: let me get my pillow then! :D

Stay tuned for more.


The crazies - Chloe & Beth

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