Sunday, 31 October 2010


Miss Stardoll World prizes have been revealed!

So, who will win these?...



Saturday, 30 October 2010

8O Million Members!


We have 80 million members at last! Gosh, stardoll really and truly are popular. Back in 2007, (And I know I always, ALWAYS say this!) there was only 10 million, and to celebrate we got this huge star haha!

Anyway, you saw in my post of spoilers the clothes, and now stardoll are giving us back half our money, so if we spend 30sd we get 15 back on Monday. I barely have any cash so yeah I won`t be participating :L



Friday, 29 October 2010


What. The. Hell. ?.


Is anyone else having problems on stardoll? It won`t let me go on stuff so whether the web has problems.. I don`t know. If your having my problems tell me in comments!



Thursday, 28 October 2010

8O Million Members Spoilers!

Yay, nearly 80 million!

I remember in 2007 when it was a quiet 10,000,000...


Today's spoilers were the celebration clothes. I`m hoping that they`re free, I like them (:

Phwoar them shoes xD


Halloween Animals Hidden Shop!

To get them all in your dressing room click HERE



MSW Wildcard!

There's a chance to get into Miss Stardoll World! Generous Stardoll decided to give a chance to the rest of Stardoll to get a place! All you do is go to and enter reasons why you would like to be in with the chance! Contest ends November 3rd, so get entering! Good Luck Everyone!

Free 'I Love Greece' Tee

Greece are having their turn for the 'I Love...' campaign. I wish there was an England one!

Yeah so there it is.. members from Greece will already have it.

If you want the tee and you are not Greek:

  • Go to (Thanks, I don`t know any Greek proxies!)
  • Type into the URL box and press enter on your keyboard
  • When the stardoll home page has loaded close the proxy.
It will be in your suite (:



A Greek Balcony interior for Greeks!

Now I totally love this, so much better than the similar 35OO starpoints one!
Gr, I wish there was some way of getting it :/


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Glamour Magazine - CONTENTS PAGE!

There is an update on my magazine - Glamour Magazine

The Contents page has been revealed!
There IS writing, but it`s scribbled out. I don`t want anything major to be in spoilers :3
So, cover and contents.

What do you think?



Im gonna spoil you lot with spoilers

Bored, Tired, Don`t Know What To Do?! -- The Return Of Torture

The time has come..

0:34 - Showing off our inner nerd.

So far so good. BTDKWTD?! Is fabulous.
We`ll be bringing the latest every 30 mins, from a different author every hour.

BTDKWTD... how about The pictures(:

Bored, Tired, Don`t Know What To Do?! -- The Return Of Torture

Yes, we`re back and better than ever!
Bored, Tired, Don`t Know What To Do?! Season Two is guaranteed to have more excitement,
suspense and of course, laughing.
Us here at Stardoll`s Own treat you readers like royalty. We`re giving you stills and spoilers of tonight`s show - Every 30 minutes! Take a look.
23:58: Chloe taking it easy with onion rings 2 minutes till the show.

00:22: 22 minutes into the show and they`re already tired.. *Yawn*

1st 2 pics was at OO:16 beth said LETS HAVE A MUSHTASH Chloe: Ohhkayy? :L

Pictures 3 and 4 OO:28 Beth: Pose chloe, chloe: let me get my pillow then! :D

Stay tuned for more.


The crazies - Chloe & Beth

Countdown to BTDKWTD?! Season 2!

23:56: 4 Minutes!

23:57: 3 MINUTES!

23:58: 2 MINUTES! 120 seconds!



Yes.. it`s true. The day has finally come.
The day Bored, Tired, Don`t Know What To Do?! Hits your computer screens.
So, are you ready?
Me and fellow writer Bethany (starbuster8) are on our webcams chatting away, and oh boy, we can`t wait.
From 12am onwards, we will be posting pics and new posts.

Are you ready?



2 is better then one

Hey its starbuster8 here.

Im on tiny chat (webcam) with chloe (owner) and together we are doing
BTDKWTD, yeah we are taking pictures to so heres some already...
BTDKWTD offically starts at 12 oclock midnight but think of this post as a spoiler yeahh? anyways 56 minuites to go -im counting:)

Monday, 25 October 2010

Bored, Tired, Don`t Know What To Do?! Warm Up - Halfway there!

First off, BTDKWTD Season 2 returns Wednesday at midnight. But you have a newbie: Beth.
So yeah it takes alot of skill so I`ve had a warm up tonight, playing on stardoll and working on Glamour magazine. I`ve been awake 11:30 - 4:56, which is now (:
I`m doing extremely well, and was only beginning to feel tired at around 4:30. Although my eyes are so painful, so I might get to 5 and stop.. I`ll sleep in the day on Wednesday (:
Itee so I`m off, 3 mins left of my warm up (:


Glamour Magazine

Here`s the front of my new magazine which will be posted right here for you to read every Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring!

Glamour magazine, created by me, chloe-99. Stardoll`s Own`s official magazine.
I`ve literally just finished making the front cover, and oh boy I have tons of ideas!
But it should be all complete in a few days, but if it is not I`ll let you know.
Oh I can`t wait to release it!

What do you think of the new magazine? Does it look good?


Its cause its free! :)

For the mask you have to go to the main stardoll page (logged in) then click on the picture (where covergirl comes up) click the one that say stardoll nominated. Or click here
then just press where it says click here. Simples and for the shoes.
Go to your suite and click the box in you main room. (Bottom Right) then they will pop out.
Posted by Starbuster8 (beth)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Free Witch Wig :|

Stardoll are giving away a FREE (I paid 4sd for mine in 2008! :@) wig for Halloween :/

To get the stupid now free thing:

It will be in your suite.


Friday, 22 October 2010

How to get 12 starpoints a 12 steps

Want to earn starpoints?

Follow this simple guide to get 12 starpoints a day - everyday.
If you follow our guide to get 12 starpoints a week, you could get 84 starpoints a week, 336 a month, and... 4032 a year. Want that? I know you do. I know I certainly do.

  • Simply logging in every day will get you a starpoint.
  • If you go to your suite, you can get a number of stapoints. You can change your outfit, move something. Besides, you don`t have to keep it that way. Go back and re-save it.
  • If you find the PERFECT outfit, save it in your album. Saving dolls can get you a number of points. Plus it helps you get a record of how much your style has changed. It`s really great looking back from you very first medoll to the makeup and clothes you`ve put on today.
  • Still focusing on your page. What else can we do? Guestbook. You will probably have some new comments. You can reply to them, or if you`ve already done that you can write a little something yourself. A line from one of your favourite songs will do, and besides, you can delete it.
  • Back to the album. Earlier you should have saved your medoll in your album. Find that doll you have saved and put it somewhere in the book. I know alot of people make their albums into magazines and you normally have a covergirl. Why not make yourself covergirl for once?
  • Starblogging. Starblogs are great. And, you get alot of starpoints. You can write any old rubbish, for example write down all the numbers to the starpoints you have. so if you have 100, write down 1, 2, 3 etc. Write the alphabet. Your name. And a great way to help pass the time is to create a post saying Starpoints until (Your next reward). Every day write down how many you`ve earnt. For example: 6635. + 10 starpoints 6645. + 5 6650.
  • Make a scenery. It doesn`t have to be absolutley outstanding. Remember, this is all for starpoints. Just put lots of random items on it, and then call it something like '20 until 1000'
  • Go to your Beauty Palor. Change something tiny, like remove your earrings. Change your hair. Again, it`s for starpoints, doesn`t need to be perfect! And you can change it back again.
  • Mail someone or reply to some messages. The longer and the more messages you send, the more points.
  • Go and get your play and earn. Since you can only use it for 14 days a month, it`s best to buy fast. You get discount too. If you want for example some earrings that cost 5sd, and a dress that costs 15sd, buy the dress. That way you would only be paying 10sd for it. But, if you bought the earrings too, then you would only be paying 15sd, not 20sd. Dn`t forget to earn 2sd a day that you can keep, recycle!
  • Another great way is to post in clubs. Even silly posts, like rate the medoll above you. But no chain mail!
Try it. Each step gets you a starpoint. But if you`re lucky, more!


PS: I cannot wait until the 7500 hairstyle! At the moment I have 6881 starpoints. How many do you have?

Free Stardollars if you download...

A number of way to get free stardollars. I went to download the first one to earn 11sd, but I stopped, it told me it could HARM MY COMPUTER. If you want a good, fast computer don`t bother. Seriously, if it means getting some viruses don`t do it. It`s not worth risking it. Yeah thanks stardoll great offer, but not great downloads. But if you want to be abit stupid and get a bad computer click HERE



I feel like every time I write on this blog that I have to apoligize to you guys that I haven't been very active lately.  And each time I'm truly sorry.  But to make it up to you I did spoilers!

I like some of the dresses and the yellow shoes a lot.  What about you guys?


Thursday, 21 October 2010

New Sunny Bunny

Sometime last week, new Sunny Bunny came up in spoilers.
It was expected to come this week, and that rumor happens to be true - IT`S HERE!
I love it, the hair extensions, bows, the weird fringe with bow things :L
So yeah, I like. I just hate the piercings, but I`m a person who hates all tattoos piercings. To me, ear lobes are the only things that should be pierced :L
I love the nerd glasses too, the Ink drip glasses. I have only 14sd, and play and earn so I only bought the glum plum extensions. Now I have 4sd :L
So what do you think of Sunny Bunny? To go to the store, click HERE


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Harajuku Lovers Is Back

Oooh yes, they`re back!
But this time with a Winter collection.

Off Wikipedia:

Harajuku Lovers is singer Gwen Stefani's brand of apparel, fashion accessories, and stationery launched in 2005. The concept for Harajuku Lovers revolves around the Shibuya, Tokyo area of Harajuku and the four "Harajuku Girls," Gwen Stefani's Japanese back-up dancers and entourage (Love, Angel, Music, and Baby).

Unlike Stefani's other fashion line, L.A.M.B., launched in 2004, which aimed for a more mainstream demographic; Harajuku Lovers instead tends to focus specifically on 'Kawaiiness' made famous by the streets of Harajuku in Japan. Kawaii depictions of Stefani and her dancers are common features of the products as is the kanji 原宿 (Harajuku) logo.

Clothing for the line is produced and licensed by JerryLeigh with stationery line produced and licenced by Nakajima USA. There is also a fragrance line with five different scents: Love, Lil Angel, Music, Baby, and G.

To read the full article click HERE

I have to be honest though, the perfumes are nice.

I have last year`s Winter G, which smells of coconuts, Music which kind of smells of sweets called Pint Pots, Love, and the Summer version of Baby. And I mean £13 a bottle is abit expensive for only 10ml, but it`s so strong and so nice. I`ve used all of mine, G is my favourite, then my least favourite is Love. I have used them all except Love, although that is running out fast. I have £32 now though so I`ll think about getting more -- this time the £20 25ml one!

Anyway, so have you tried these perfumes before?

Which scent is your favourite?

Members from the UK get a sign in their suite which when clicked takes you to the club. But you can also join the club by just clicking HERE

For members who aren`t from the United Kingdom..(Underneath Stardoll Manual Proxy Credit)

Use a MANUAL proxy, I`ve tried websites but there is no other way. Use a proxy like port 80

Then go to and join the club.

Remove the manual, and the things will be in your suite.



Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Free Stardoll TV dress

Stardoll are giving away a free dress to members in the UK
If you are from the UK just click HERE to get it.

If you aren`t..

1. Use a UK proxy -
2. Type into the URL box.
3. Log in
4. Copy and paste into the URL box
5. Log out amd close the proxy.


Monday, 18 October 2010


Very Halloweeny today (:
What do you think?


Blue Diamond Dolls

Hey all!
About like, 2 years ago(?) Stardoll announced that they would have a club called
Stardoll Royalty for Stardoll members who have been Superstars for a 12 months or longer or more. If you've been a Superstar for a year or more you'll see that your profile picture should have a blue diamond in the corner and your name will have a blue tint around it instead of yellow or purple.
Im currently working on a banner like chloe's so, fingers crossed I get it done soon:}


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Free Pink Fudge Jacket!

Go to or or another proxy site you may know of. Put in the proxy URL box.Click Enter and log into Stardoll. Put this link in the proxy URL box:

The Fashion Police

As you saw last month, there was a post telling you all about out newest project: The Fashion Police. We are now starting the competition. What happens is...

You all get to enter, and the way you enter is this way:

Fill out this application. Here it is:

Q: How would you describe your fashion style?

Q: How often does your style change?

Q: Who is your ultimate fashion icon?

Q: What is the must have piece of clothing this Autumn?

Now, if you want to apply, fill in the application above and post it in a comment below.
The competition will last for the rest of the month, (This one will be slightly shorter) and you can apply from October 17th - 21st. If you apply after that date then your application won`t be counted. Prizes are given out the 30th of each month. The competition works out in several tasks, and after each task YOU will vote for who you think deserves their place in the competiton. The person with the least votes will be iliminated. Then the person who wins the final task gets...

50 stardollars
An Exclusive interview and a chance to appear on the blog.

The runner up in the final task gets...

25 stardollars
2 superstar gifts

The person in 3rd place gets...

10 stardollars
1 superstar gift

Are you up for the challenge?


Saturday, 16 October 2010

11 Today!

Heey :D
So as you can see in the previous post, it`s my birthday :D
Well since it is, I won`t be blogging today.
At 3:30 I`m going bowling with some friends(:
So tomorrow, yeah?
I might later, now I have my own laptop I can do whatever at night (like 10pm, 11pm or so :L)
AND, AND, I have great news. Although I didn`t get a phone, I got a laptop which has a camera, so I can make videos of BTDKWTD?! How awesome? haha xD


What time is it?

What time is it?  BIRTHDAY TIME!

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!!!


Friday, 15 October 2010

Free Taylor Swift Dress

Stardoll are giving away a free Taylor Swift dress from a campaign to members from the UK:

People from the UK click HERE.

For those who aren`t...

1. Try a UK proxy, such as

2. Type into the URL bar

3. Log in

4. Copy and paste into the URL bar

5. Log out and close the proxy

The dress will be in your suite(:


Thursday, 14 October 2010

Free Halloween Balloons

Stardoll are giving these balloons away free in a contest in Russia:

If you`re not from Russia..
1. Use a proxy server such as or
2. Type into the URL bar
3. Log in
4. Copy and paste into the URL bar.
5. Log out and close the proxy.
The balloons will be in your suite(:

Claire here(:

Alright, so I have been really inactive lately... sorry!  There is tons of fun new stuff on stardoll which i'll blog about in a bit.

Until then, see ya!


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Free Jacket

Stardoll are giving away a new jacket to members in the UK.

If you are from the UK click HERE

For those who aren`t...

1. Use a UK proxy -

2. Go to and log into your account.

3. Paste into the URL bar

4. Log out and close the proxy

It will be in your suite



New banner!


Finally, I`ve done our new Halloween banner! :D

After 4 days, it`s done(:

So what do you think?

Tell me in comments below :D



A Few Changes Have Gone On Around Here..

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A message from owner, chloe-99

Hey guys,
Sorry I`ve not blogged for a few days, I have been making a new banner for us, plus I have been making alot of cakes for school - we`re selling them, money for charity.
Right erm, if I`m online tomorrow I`ll blog, and if I go on facebook I`ll ask people to blog.


Monday, 11 October 2010

Star Designers!

So I was looking at the top designs, and some of them were gorgeous!  I wanted to buy a lot of them, but I'm trying to save my money.  Anyways, the first one was a gorgeous bubble dress (which I did buy), a elegant looking dress that had white, black, and gold in it, and a simple day dress decorated lightly at the bottom.  What surprised me most is a member, who hasn't even been on stardoll for two weeks, got her design in the top 10 designs!

This first one is by Roksel and it's the rainbow bubble dress.  Which I do own.
These are the elegant gold, black, and white dresses designed by mondfrau.
This last one is from a practically brand new member!  Elf_bella should be proud of herself. 


New Segment!

Every Saturday I will post an interview with an inspirational stardoller.  You can also comment for people who you think should be interviewed!  I'm excited to do this and I know it will be an awesome feature for the blog!


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Start of a New Writer

Heyy, im Beth and on Stardoll starbuster8
Chloe has added me to the team and im very happy to be a writer and graphic desinger on this amazing magazine, so my 1st post is the magazine. Yes Stardolls Own 1st magazine, so here it it. (:

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Can I do BTDKWTD or will it be a diary? I will inform you between 00:47 and 3am.


Yes, I said it, I SAID IT, chloe-99`s BTDWTD?! Is back.. season two article one haha xD
So stay tuned, it is now a minute past midnight (10th day of the 10th month of the 2010th year!) so go get your free 10sd for play and earn. 6 days unril my birthday now peeps(; And it should be 5 but it`s changing to 4 because tonight I aint sleeping(: It`s cool ya`know ;D I`ll keep you entertained with this article :L So Bored, Tired, Don`t Know What To Do?! Returns in 3 hours and 25 mins(possibly later or earlier) to your computer screens! Ha, ENJOY!

PS- If I get a phone for my birthday, what I`ll do is write and record at night and put videos on in the morning. Sound cool? OOH YEAH xD

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Here`s Todays Spoilers:

Hm. Nothing special. Although I do really like the skirt and blue dress.
What do you think?


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

October Play And Earn Doll!

I was checking spoilers earliar and found October`s Play And earn Collectible!

Very cute haha. I love her, can`t wait till I get her. It`s obviously a Halloween themed doll as it`s dressed as a fairy. What do you think? What has been your favourite play and earn doll so far?



Stardoll Survey !

Stardoll Have made anew Survey! Agaiin :L I did the Survey , and iit was about News ;/ Hmm and its about News ? I wonderr why stardoll Chose newss ;/ Iff you have any suggestions please comment below :) x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Star Design is back!

So lately a lot of people have made star designs again!  And not those characters, the actual random patterns!  At one point they were considered juvenile, but if you do it right it can be beautiful!  It inspired me to create some of my own patterns.  I might sell, I might not.  Who knows!

What do you think?  Which one do you like best?  Should I sell them?