Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sorry, and we`re back!

Chloe-99 - Check.
MissUnique843 - Check.
Hco-hottie23 - Check.
PrincessMinnie_ - Check.
StarryEyeed - Waiting..
britannia_sosie - Check.
Yes, we`re all back apart from Hashia!
Sorry we haven`t posted in a while, school has just started again (Boy, homework :O) and we haven`t had as much time.
I have alot of friends and family`s birthdays these next few months so lately I`ve been out buying presents, and we`ve finally got all of September birthdays sorted!
Chloe has been too busy to blog, plus I totally forgot to tell her the log in.
She`ll be starting her first post soon(:
Claire had been grounded for ages, but it`s fine again now, so soon she`ll be posting again.
Jess has been caught up in homework (Gr!) and is new to the blog, she`s done alot of posting and will definatley post when she has the time to.
Hashia`s computer is broken, and has been for a while.
But it won`t hurt to take up her posts right?
Sophie is new to the blog and of course has started school.
She has been sent the log in and is going to post once she works out the spoilers.
I`ve posted but for this week I haven`t.
School. Boo. Haha :D
I`d also be doing more BTDWTD?! but obviously I can`t on a school night -.-
Plus I`ve been busy making a new banner -- with all of us on and a better one!
So after this you`ll see Stardoll`s Own as the active blog it used to be.
We promise to give you what you need to know.
The SDO team.

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