Monday, 13 September 2010

New banner(: And competition!

Yay :D I`ve finally done all our signing banners :D
Well, I haven`t done the writing yet but yeah other than that I`m done :D
What do you think of minee?

Anyway, since we now have 7 followers -- and more to come I hope! -- I`ve decided to orgainse Stardoll`s Own`s FIRST competition! It will be a who wore it best competition, basically I will pick a clothing item and YOU will have to make an outfit using that belt, dress, shoes etc. I`ll organise a chat with the team, and we`ll decide on our 3 favourites. Then we`ll put them on the blog and you will have to decide who wins -- the finalists are NOT allowed to vote, if you do you will be disqualified.

The Prizes

  • 1st place (Non superstars) - 5 superstar gifts
  • 2nd place (Superstars) - 15sd

Prizes aren`t so good -- yet. They will be better, but we need your help! We need you to follow and get more readers!

The Rules:

  • You must be a follower to enter.
  • Below you need to comment your follower name and stardoll name to be able to enter

Good luck everyone!

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