Monday, 6 September 2010

Mortal Kiss

Mortal Kiss

Stardoll have released a new book called Mortal Kiss.

Every few days a new chapter comes.

It looks pretty good to be honest, I`ll be reading it(:

It says it`s suitable for people 11+, but I`m still reading it even though I`m 10 -- but I am 11 in 40 days :D

Anyways, to go to the book click HERE.

The first chapter is called 'Blood In The Snow' and the book has 27 chapters.

There is also a map so I guess that will be to read each chapter or something? I don`t know, we`ll have to see(:

Well there`s the map(:

The next chapter will come September 10th which will be in the High School and The Mall.

Well what do you think? Will you be reading this book? Tell us in comments what you think.



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