Monday, 27 September 2010

Free Dress when you buy superstar (Non Superstars ONLY)

Okay so first I must assure you that this is NOT a dress from Limited Edition (LE), it is just a regular dress - and it is not rare. It will not be sold in starplaza, but you can easily find it in the starbazaar (Trust me, I`ve found loads) so just don`t waste your money. In my opinion, it`s not even a pretty dress. So are you going to waste your money or your credit? Nah, you could go buy that gorgeous top you`ve had your eye on in ages, and you could easily get to know that cute boy more by texting or ringing him. Trust me readers, stardoll aren`t fair. I get charged 2 stardollars for a picture they won`t even allow?! And I got hacked back in March, tons of LE and DKNY got stolen (Including LE Sweetheart Tube top -- 2nd season and DKNY Skyscraper Dress) and I wrote to stardoll like 8 times and I STILL haven`t got my things back. But oh no, they give a scammer cutie_jas her items back! Argh.

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