Saturday, 18 September 2010


Hey guys :D

No news, well, kinda.

We now have 10 followers!

So to celebrate and to thank you all you can all enter a raffle to win the antidote Stripe Strap Heels!

Interested? Yeah? Well, simply follow the blog (those who aren`t followers yet) and comment below. We will give you a number but say if we have 15 followers (Not counting staff) then it would be 1-15. BUT there is an exception. The competition won`t go on until we have 20 followers. Why? Because we need your help.
Thanks everyone for following but we still need YOU to follow.
And we you to read of course.
The competition won`t be open until we get 13 more followers -- not counting staff.
So, keep reading to check on followers, and for those who haven`t already followed FOLLOW :D


PS: Don`t forget the competition is CLOSED

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