Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Latest Hoax?

Why must stardoll beg for our money?  And why do we keep buying?  Maybe because they keep sending us messages like this:


Monday, 27 September 2010

M by Marcela

So this started out in July.  A little late to blog about it now?  No I don't think so.  It's by .Marcela.. one of stardoll's true elite.  Check it out here.


Hello Kitty Clothes Real Versions

Stardoll`s Own Official Club

So we have the account, and now the club. We`re really getting on, and thanks for everyone who`s read this blog and followed, we (especially me) appreciate it alot. So yes, we`re asking you for another favour, to join the blog`s official club owned by me, the owner, chloe-99. In the club there will be exclusive things that you won`t find anywhere on this blog. It will be updated everyday, some things the same as the blog. So all we need now is for you to join it, so please if you are willing to help us at the blog make it more well-known, click HERE.


New Hello Kitty Store!

Alright so there is this new store in the starplaza!  It's a Hello Kitty store sponsored by Target. 
The only thing I personally admire is the romper and hello kitty toys.  What do you think?


Free Dress when you buy superstar (Non Superstars ONLY)

Okay so first I must assure you that this is NOT a dress from Limited Edition (LE), it is just a regular dress - and it is not rare. It will not be sold in starplaza, but you can easily find it in the starbazaar (Trust me, I`ve found loads) so just don`t waste your money. In my opinion, it`s not even a pretty dress. So are you going to waste your money or your credit? Nah, you could go buy that gorgeous top you`ve had your eye on in ages, and you could easily get to know that cute boy more by texting or ringing him. Trust me readers, stardoll aren`t fair. I get charged 2 stardollars for a picture they won`t even allow?! And I got hacked back in March, tons of LE and DKNY got stolen (Including LE Sweetheart Tube top -- 2nd season and DKNY Skyscraper Dress) and I wrote to stardoll like 8 times and I STILL haven`t got my things back. But oh no, they give a scammer cutie_jas her items back! Argh.

Free Halloween Banner

Halloween Banner!
Put this http://ukryj.info/ link into your url
Then it will take you to the page, on the bottom there is a white Url bar,
into which you need to copy and paste this: http://www.stardoll.com/pt/contest/view.php?id=633
Login, at the top of the page there should be: http://www.stardoll.com/pt/contest/view.php?id=633
Press enter and then go back to your regular stardoll!
posted by PrincessMinnie_


Heey. Erm yeah, reason I haven`t posted spoilers is because one I forgot the link, two when I was told again I couldn`t find the latest items, three the same item kept coming up until I discovered a rational soloution. Haha, so yeah, here they are:

Like? I`ve seen better but I really love the red lacy dress, leather jacket, grey shoes and black purse. What do you think? Got any favourite pieces?

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Stardoll Pals: LAST CHANCE TO BUY!

Yes.. The summer of 2010 is almost over.. And the time of the pals is too. So on Monday 27th September will be your last chance to buy. Although they are 70sd they are pretty good. I got one yesterday and I love mine haha (: So what are you waiting for? Get your pal now by clicking HERE



Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stardoll's Next Graphic Designer

So .Marcela.. has had a brilliant, original idea to create stardoll's next top graphic designer!  And none of these people are actually elite or anything yet!  If you want to see the blog click here.

Those are all the judges, but the last one is unknown.

Anyways good luck to everyone!


VaniTEEN Magazine

VaniTEEN Magazine is going to be an amazing magazine out on the 1st of October it looks like.  As you can see it's the first issue ever!  I am lucky enough to write for this magazine.  Anyways, it's Editor-in-Chief is BabetteCouture and Fig36 is the Co-Editor.  These two girls are smart, and great at what they do and I'm excited for the first issue to come out! 


Stelf Mode Group

This is something new and totally interesting.  It is owned by baby_v_16 (she is trading accounts today?) and co-owned by me (hco-hottie23).  From what I understand, it's about advertising other blogs.  If you want to become one of our projects click here!



Hey guys! It's Claire. Sorry I haven't blogged in forever. Also sorry that I'm on this particular account, I keep forgetting the blogs info. Anyways I have a lot of updates! So be prepared. (:


Friday, 24 September 2010

The Fashion Police

Our newest project is called The Fashion Police. Basically, we will pick some judges, you can apply and win great prizes! This will be a monthly competition, so the first competition will take place on October 1st. The contest will have 5 challenges to it, all of them about fashion. On October 1st be sure to read the blog, as we will reveal our judges, the prizes and the challenges. BUT there are a few rules which you must follow or you can`t take part:

  1. You must be a follower of the blog

  2. When the competition opens, you must sign in a comment your follower name and your stardoll name

  3. After the competition is opened and you`ve done rules 1 and 2 you must sign on the competition account for this blog (we will get to that when the competition opens)

  4. You can only enter with ONE account

  5. You must be a superstar

  6. You will have to have at least 100 starpoints in your account



Hey guys.. Sorry I haven`t been blogging for a few days, I was grounded -.- None of the team could keep you up to date, why? Idk. But sorry about that. I`ll speak to them and basically tell them that when I`m away they need to blog to get us all alot of followers and to keep you up to date :D Anyways, latest juice is right back now(: So read the other posts, cause it`s time to get going again :P


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Free 'The Saturdays' Sunglasses

Make sure that you are LOGGED IN.
Click HERE
The glasses will be in a gift box in your suite

Stars Of Stardoll Magazine -- SPOILERS

As you may know, we are now sponsering a new magazine owned by starbuster8 on stardoll. Today, she has released spoilers of the magazine. Check them out - Click to enlarge(:

Cover & A Page(: I love them.. she`s a talented graphic designer you know(: I can`t wait for this magazine, it`s gonna be a great success :D What do you think then guys?

Chloe/Chloe-99 & Bethany/Starbuster8


Monday, 20 September 2010

New Store - Front Row

Stardoll have released a new store, Front Row. I like it, but it`s expensive. I especially like the Love Jeans for 16sd. What do you think?



New Magazine -- Stars Of Stardoll

Yes, there is a new mag coming -- Stars Of Stardoll, Owned by starbuster8
Bethany is a great graphic designer and we will be sponsering the mag.
Teamwork. We`re helping each other. So she`s not an actual staff member, but she`s our partner, so we just have to feature her in our blog. To go to visit starbuster8 click HERE

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Free Fudge 60`s Dress

People from Poland will have it already.

But for those who aren`t:

The dress will be in your suite(:


Free Fish Hooks Top & Poster

'Fish Hooks' is a new animated American TV show, shown on Disney Channel.
It`s sneak peek was released on September 17th in the UK, and is airing in November.
The fish series is all about the life of two fish called Milo (Kyle Massey) and his brother Oscar.

For the top:

If you`re from the US you can just go to the cinema and watch the video -- you have to watch the whole thing. I wish you guys luck. It`s a stupid programme.

For those who aren`t:

The top will be in your suite.

For the poster:

The poster will be in your suite.


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Stardoll`s Own stardoll account.

So yeah, I`ve made an account where you`ll have to basically sign for entering competitions. When the 20 followers competition is open you`ll have to sign in the GB. But we`ll talk about that when we get to it(: Anyway so it`s basically called SDSOwnComps and will be used for competitions. To go to the account click HERE.


New Stardesign items(:

It`s been in spoilers (and it wasn`t posted sorrrrrrry) and now they`ve finally come!

The new stardesign!

But they do look kinda familiar. The shorts are from the July Hotbuys (I think?) and the dress is just a Pretty In Pink one and the shoes -- nothing! xP

Anyways, what do you think? Will you be making a new design? I will with the shorts :D