Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The team

Meet the Stardoll`s Own team..
Heey, I totally forgot to introduce you guys to the Stardoll`s Own team! Well, now it`s complete (for now) I think as the owner I should(:
Name: Chloe (H)
Age: 10
Stardoll Name: chloe-99
Facebook? (Yes/No): Yes, Chloe Stardoll. Picture of 4000sp hair in brunette and lots of horse tails.
Job(s) on blog: Owner, spoilers, writer, banner maker, blog designer, competition agreement
Birthday: 16th October
Name: Claire
Age: 14
Stardoll Name: hco-hottie23
Facebook? (Yes/No): Yes
Job(s) on blog: Writer, spoilers, banner maker, blog designer agreement
Birthday: March 8th
Name: Chloe (B)
Age: 14
Stardoll Name: MissUnique843
Facebook? (Yes/No): Yes
Job(s) on blog: Writer, Competition agreement, Spoilers, Blog designer agreement
Birthday: December 21st
Name: Hashia
Age: 12
Stardoll Name: StarryEyeed
Facebook? (Yes/No): Hashia Stardoll. Picture of pale skinned medoll, black and white eyeshadow
Job(s) on blog: Writer, Spoilers, Competition organiser, Blog Designer agreement
I know we all have a number of jobs, 3 each (I know I have like 5 but mainly that says that I made the blog and I ask the others which background to have etc.) but the only reason why we have so many is because it`s a small team. I WILL definatley need more people (school) and especially people who have a time several hours ahead of GB. I`m working on getting more, but I need people who are active, close friends who are trustworthy and people with experience. -- It`s hard to pick!
It`s new to a few of us but Claire especially knows(:
I`m catching on, just unsure still on a few things.
I know I`m the only one really posting but 1, it`s my blog so as owner I need to make an effort, and 2, me and Hashia haven`t got important things to focus about like Claire and Chloe. I probably won`t be as active in May because I have important tests to take, and then Claire and Chloe have bigger tests :L
Plus us 3 would probaly post more often because Claire is in America, 5 hour time difference so obviously stardoll update the site at around 10/11am (GB time) and we`ll get spoilers and the new shops first because in America it would be about 5am and obviously Claire would`nt get up then :D
Once I find some more blog--worthy members I promise you the blog will be bigger, better and more fun!

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