Sunday, 8 August 2010

Proof that cutie_jas scammed me

Scammed by cutie_jas

If you have ever visited cutie_jas on stardoll and read her presentation or visited me (chloe-99) and read my presentation you will see that a little scamming has been going on. cutie_jas wanted my LE Blue Star Dress and I said I`ll trade for your RC Ashley Dress, so I said deal. She made a Facebook account so we could chat while we traded, so yesterday we went to do the deal. I sold her my dress, she said 3 2 1 and then logged off chat, leaving me with an unfair deal. She`s lying to everybody saying I bought her DKNY Geo Stripe Dress -- Something I don`t even own! She`s saying to everyone that she has 'proof'. But actually she took a picture of her 'Successful Sales' page and edited it so it looked like I had bought the dress. The dress isn`t in my storage and to prove it look at this picture, the dress is sellable and I took a picture of EVERY SINGLE page in my starbazaar just to prove this. Take a look and stop pointing the LIAR fingers and me and start pointing them at HER. Click to enlarge.

On Facebook chat:

Me selling her my dress:

Jas says 3 2 1 (3 and 2 are cut off but you can see the 1) and then goes off chat.

But that`s not all! Jas has 'proof' that she 'sold' me a DKNY dress for 2sd, a dress I don`t have!

Her fake proof:

Think I`m hiding that dress? Yes? You`re WRONG - You can even see the page numbers if you click the pictures.

There. My proof. REAL proof. Now obviously you may think I`m hiding the dress in storage - If I was it would be in the pictures of my starbazaar, and I haven`t skipped a page if you look at them closer by clicking them. Now don`t believe her. If you get an amazing offer pass it, fight your temptation. Save your rares. Don`t get scammed.

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