Sunday, 29 August 2010

Makeup Tutorials(:

OMG! I LOVE HER MAKEUP! HOW TO DO IT? Well here`s how:

Black and White Themed Makeup:

1. Lengthining Mascara - 2sd

2. Volumising Mascara - 3sd

3. White Eye Pencil Covering half the eye at the top and bottom - 6sd

4. Black Eye Pencil filling the gaps - 6sd

5. Black eyeliner around the black pencil - 3sd

6. White eyeliner around the white pencil - 3sd

7. White Eyeshadow up to the black pencil - 5sd

8. Black Eyeshadow starting from the white pencil to the end of the eye - 6sd

9. A Brown ish blusher - 8sd

10. Soft Skin Lipstick - 9sd

11. Black Hair Dye - 6sd

12. Black Braid Headband - 4sd

And the result:

Click to enlarge(:

Need a request?

Just comment it below and I`ll get to work right away(:

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