Monday, 30 August 2010

LE Update: It`s OUT!

UPDATE: The store is now there, but not everything is in there. To go to it click HERE
Yay! The wait is OVER! It is FINALLY out!
I gotta admit though it`s not that impressive. I like some bits but I have seen much much better. I`ve also noticed, the Grey Socks for 50sd are NON superstar!
Now, I`m thinking, is this a glitch or not? :S
The most expensive thing is a dress for 125sd -- pretty cheap to be honest.
The cheapest was a mask for 25sd -- Not really worth it :
Since I only had 87sd I only got a pair of shoes for 65sd.
Oh well, at least I got some right?
So what do you think of the 8th season of LE?
Do you think there will be more seasons in the future?
Comment on your opinion(:
PS: The store isn`t out -- yet, but if you want some just search and click 'LE' -- The whole of the new season is there!

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