Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bored, tired, Don`t know what to do?!

Erm, don`t ask :L
Sorry I haven`t posted todaysss, been round my friend`s house then X Factor was on :D
So it`s 2 minutes past 1 in the morning *Whisper* And I don`t want to go to sleep! :O
I`m lying in my bed sweating like you wouldn`t know and just thinking well, I COULD go downstairs but nothing is on TV. Laugh out Whisper. :D.
I want to do some competitions but we aren`t popular so what is thee point? Lowl(;
Low, Hashia should get me ^^ :D
Anyways I`ve invited two more people to the blog so there are now 6 writers -- The team are extremely unactive and atm it`s me and Hashia, but I know I can count on these two(:
I`d like to welcome PrincessMinnie_ and brittania_sosie to Stardoll`s Own :D
Off to me and my boring bed now :L
Plan of action is to do anything in my room that sounds good and get up at 5/5:30.
Hmm, that sounds.. hard :S
4 never ending hours of doing nothing. :O
Wish me luck peeps(:

Chloe ¦ Chloe-99

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