Monday, 23 August 2010

Bored, Tired, Don`t know What to do?! -- The Moment When Boredom arrived

Yes, The title of this post DID say Bored, Tired Don`t Know What To Do?!
It`s the post you`ve all been waiting for..
The sequel to Bored, Tired, Don`t Know What to Do?!, Bored, Tired, Don`t Know what to do?! -- Ahgain.. was a huge success.
But right now I`m coming back, better than ever baby. Oh yes, I am bringing you the amazing 3rd part to the story: Bored, Tired, Don`t Know what to Do?! -- When boredom arrived!

Right so, the only reason this started was because this show was on a 6 -- the time Disney Channel is back on.
l never EVER get up early so the only way to watch this show was to stay up all night and sleep through the day. Well. That failed.

But I am determined to do it, one day. It is possible.. I think? I am determined to make my posts more popular than Twilight. I occupy my readers with stardoll stuff, not just kissing. Pffft. What do I kiss? My pillow?! Don`t be stupid. I kiss all my teddies. Why? Beecause it`s normal. It`s like eating noodles, cucumber and ice cream. You just don`t do it.
My BTDKWTD?! has been worth staying up for. 12am or 2, I am willing to blog about it.But if I can`t then my dears I will inform you. Until I achieve my dream I will blog at 3am. Yes, I said am.
So atm I am extremely tired and extremely bored. So bye(:

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