Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bored, Tired, Don`t know What to do?! -- Ahgain..

Hello everyone and thank you for joining me in another lesson in bed with Chloe :L
Once again I am lying in bed with my head in my hands bored -- it`s seriously horrible, so I advise the kids NOT to try this at home. Laugh out Whisper ;D -- Funny is over. Now I`m gettin` serious..

If your parents ever send you to bed at stupid o`clock at night stand up to your human rights and say NO. Aha, I am the perfect role model for a bad childhood, right? :P
But if you ever do try this at home PLEASE, be careful :L
Even at 2am you`re parents could pop to the toilet and see that you`re awake on blogger reading this hilarious sequel to Bored, Tired, Don`t know What to do?! and you could get into alot of trouble. People of the world; my work is risky.
OMG no kidding, my Dad actually did just go to the toilet -- at 4:24am! :O
Ehmm kids,.. and grown ups.. if you ever try this out don`t EVER, under ANY cercomstances listen to your iPod on full blast. So I`m sat in my bed having a little jam fest and my Dad goes to the toilet?! Gosh, people these days. Get on me nerves you know? I don`t hear him get up until he walks past my room (the bathroom is right nextdoor) so I have a DS on and an iPod on, two things with BRIGHT screens. He walks past, I`m squished under my blanket and he switches the bathroom light on. I eventually hear him at this point and I`m all caught up in wires blankets and teddies and, and I`m literally scrambling around trying to cover up the lights and lie down, and the old man goes into the bathroom, me still scrambling around trying to find a way out and then eventually, I`m OUT. Ahh.
I lie down and he comes out. He glares at me (I kept one eye open(;) so I glare back and then he walks off probably trying to get himself up again with water just to make the stupid toilet flush more often. Ah.. GAAAH. That man makes me SICK. Laugh Out Loud.
So, back to funny. --ish.. you`re being warned people, right here, right now.

Join me tomorrow for more BTDKWTD?!

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