Friday, 30 July 2010


70 Million Members Spoilers


Yes, we nearly have 70 million members. Stardoll has become so popular, 4 years ago I remember when we had 7 million in 2007! Anyways, spoilers. Some are nice, and the 70 million members gifts have come :D Some of them are nice, some of them not so nice..

Chloe Chloe-99

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Stardoll Survey

Stardoll is having another survey! This time it's about feedback on the new stardoll layout. Now we get to voice our opinion! Didn't get it in mail? Go to this link:,96



Free L`Occitane poster


With the release of the new makeup shop, L`Occitane, stardoll have given out a free poster. Want it? Here`s how to get it:

Go to

Go to stardoll and log in

Close the proxy, the poster should be in your suite.

(Sorry it`s sideways)

New Luxe

New Summer Luxe

You may or may not know, but new Luxe is in store now. It`s summery colours are still as sparkly as ever, and don`t forget it`s still expensive! I like it, especially the yellow eyeshadow :O I prefer the other colours though, and I hate the lipstick "/ What do you think? (Click to make image bigger)

Chloe Chloe-99

New writer!


Hey my name is Claire and I'm known on stardoll as hco-hottie23. I'm fourteen years old and going into high school this year! (Yay!) I'm from the lovely US of A. I'm learning french, so sometimes I may end up speaking a mixture of french and english, or as I call it, franglais. I am Lady GaGa addicted. Seriously if you haven't seen my picture of my Lady GaGa hair bow that I did in my own hair then you would believe me. Anyways enough about me!

New Makeup store -- L`Occitane

Stardoll have added a new makeup brand called L`Occitane. I guess it`s a summer thing, as everything is flowery :L. So anyways, it`s out, and can be found in the New section. It`s expensive and obviously it`s superstar, but I like it(: What do you think of it?

Also, thanks to hco-hottie23
Chloe Chloe-99

Hang Ten Top still in search.. but not in store?

Another Glitch?
Well I was in starplaza searching for black tops and I found a top from Hang Ten. I went to the store and found the top wasn`t there..? And it`s not like LE and Antidote were you can still search for it but you can`t buy it, because you can actually still buy it. Maybe Stardoll aren`t updating the site regularly? Perhaps they should.
Hang Ten Store

The top. Can you see it in the picture above?
Chloe Chloe-99

Stardoll TV Necklace Glitch!

A Glitch?!
Yes, a Glitch. I guess stardoll are having problems with their money again, yay(: As you can see in starplaza the new stardoll TV necklace is out; it costs 12sd and it`s a superstar item. Boo. <-- I take that back, because actually when I was searching pink jewelry I saw the necklace, but only it`s price was 3sd and it was NON superstar! Buy yours quickly, before stardoll sort them out(:

3sd - Buy THIS one!

12sd - DON`T buy this one!

Chloe Chloe-99

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Free Chair

If you`re not from Germany or Poland you`re going to have to use a proxy.

Go to

Go to stardoll with the proxy server,

Log into stardoll,

Copy and paste this into the URL bar:

Close the proxy.

Go to your suite - the chair should be there(:

This is my first proper post.. sorry if I`ve done it wrong :O

Chloe Chloe-99

Welcome to the newest blog on the block!

What is Stardoll`s Own?
L e t` s f i n d o u t. . .

Stardoll`s Own is the newest blog on the block, owned by chloe-99 and GraceyLacey1. Here you will find all the latest stardoll gossip, including glitches, free stuff and spoilers! We will also hold competitions which you will all love. You could win many prizes including winning lots of stardollars. We`re trying to become the best stardoll blog, but we need you to read it, talk about it and of course follow it! We`d love if we were really popular, so please just do us that favour(:

Chloe-99 GraceyLacey1